How to (if possible) Extend wire between my two desktop speakers.

I am near completing my 7.1 surround sound system, but I've run into this one small problem.

I am using these 2 speakers for the SL(Side Left) and SR(Side Right) speakers and the length between the two of them is short, I was thinking I could simply cut the wire and use some speaker wire and wrap it up with a wire nut + some electrical tape.
The thing is, the wire carries both power and audio.


Any suggestions?

Note: Yes I know wireless speakers would be a simpler solution, but this is a cheap means to an end and makes use of something that I wasn't using laying around the house.
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    If you make sure you wire is right on both ends, It should still work. You are right just normal speakers are easy to extend. My rear speakers run on old vacuum cleaner cord :)

    Whats the back look like, does everything come to one speaker(right), then just audio to the left? IF so, just extend the right speaker and use a longer cable to get audio to the right speaker maybe?
  2. You could cut and shrinkwrap extra wiring in between. The problem is you'd want to have the cabling shielded or you'll end up with worse audio due to ingress and egress. You are better off buying new speaker that are independently connected
  3. Can they be disconnected at all? Sometimes they have a coax/component end on them and all you need is a female/female adapter, and coax extension cord. I've done that bofore for my surround-sound system. But if not, then yes you could splice the wires. Just make sure you use similar guage wiring and don't cross the cables ;)
  4. This is the back:

    I'm not sure what they were thinking when these were built, the power cord is on one speaker and the audio component is on the other speaker.
  5. Well it looks like they had no room for the power supply and amp in the same speaker or wanted to keep them apart.

    So it looks like power supply in LEFT -> Power to RIGHT.
    Right has the amp and receives the audio from the PC then sends audio back to LEFT in the same wire bundle.

    Yup its strange.

    If you have nothing to loose(no other use for those speakers), May as well see if you can extend the cables. Just ensure you mach what you are connecting. Chances are you need a 4 conductor cable.
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