Computer freezing when starting up some games.

Some games work fine and some games refuse to start up, sometimes it's game that previously worked such as Dark Souls and Arma 2. (Arma 3 Alpha works fine)

In Task Manager it shows the game application start then it instantly freezes the computer, no BSOD or error message, just a frozen screen with the only option being a hard reset.

I have ran memtest and there is no problem with my RAM, ran CCleaner just in case, restored my computer back to a point when I didn't have the problem, updated my graphics drivers, rolled them back, updated them again, basically tried everything my very amateur computer knowledge could think of but nothing helped.

Here is my specs

Processor: AMD FX-4100 Quad Core processor 3.6ghz
RAM: 8gb
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti

And a list of games that work and don't

Work: Stalker: COP(Steam version), ARMA 3 Alpha, Skyrim, Sims 3, plenty more.
Don't: ARMA 2, (Actually loads up but crashes either when loading servers or ten seconds or so in game) Spore, Dark Souls, Stalker: COP(Disc Version)

I'm sure there are more games that don't work but I haven't gotten round to checking them.

Thanks for any help that I may get, the hours I have been fiddling with this computer has really stressed me out.
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  1. Have you checked your PSU voltages? Have you looked at your event viewer?
  2. bak0n said:
    Have you checked your PSU voltages? Have you looked at your event viewer?

    Well, I checked my event viewer, it had many instances of 'Kernel Power, Event 41, though I suspect this is just when I hard reset my computer, which happens a lot with my kids doing it, and the event log seemed to be a minute or so after the actual freeze.

    I am going to check my PSU voltage on my BIOS now, when I figure out how to do it, which is just a google search away, thanks by the way, I have another avenue to explore now.
  3. Okay, checked my PSU voltage and everything seems in order, as far as I can see. But I only did it in the BIOS and not with a meter, as I don't have one.

    Also tried a clean reboot with no drivers etc(I think that's what it does, as I said my knowledge with this sort of thing is very limited), and it still freezes when attempting to run certain games. :??:

    I'm really at a dead end here, any help is appreciated.
  4. This is very late but I'm having the same problem and I was wondering if any one had a fix yet.
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