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Im currently running Windows 8 64 bit.
I just updated my computer from a 250W power supply and a nvidia 8500 gt, to a 600W power supply and a Nvidia geforce gtx 260. Now I have been tinkering with this thing for hours and what Ive found is that the screen only loads in Safe Mode. In normal mode, it will load up until the windows loading icon then the screen will go blank with a dim light in the background. Ive tried uninstalling drivers before putting it in. Ideas?
Specs are here:
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  1. there should be no problem with you monitor but it has to do with your system (windows) preventing you from booting in windows hence only boot in safe mode. make clean install of your driver. there is option to clean install your gpu driver from nvidia drivers. just make sure you have the latest driver for your card (WHQL or beta) because much older forceware does not have clean install option built into them. or you can use third party program to completely clean your driver leftover before reinstalling your gpu driver though i don't really recommend that because sometimes it can leads to more problem instead of solving it.
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