Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2 water block

anyone know it there is a NB/SB water block for this MoBo
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    You want that only for the look right ? On the new processors it's useless since you overclock by increasing the multiplier ...

    Here's what utnorris wrote on forums :
    "Ok, so after seeing MrG and what he did, I went ahead and water cooled my NB and VRM's. Here is the part list:

    Koolance CHC-125 - Requires no mod, but you do remove one of the retaining arms so spacing is correct.

    Koolance MVR-100

    Koolance MVR-PLT140 - You do have to drill holes in the plate so it lines up with the stock back plate, but then you use the stock back plate and screws to mount it.

    Temps are consistent across the VRM's and NB, sitting at 37c. So not too bad. Under stress test they move up to 42c and only vary by a degree or two between the hottest and coolest part Vcore 1, Vcore 2 and NB HT temps. Keep in mind this was only for 5 minutes, didn't feel like sitting around waiting on it.

    I will take some later and post them."

    They are not made for it but they fir it with some drilling.

    - The Brownie
  2. Meh ill just wait till i upgrade next and get a motherboard that has a nice one that i can get. But thanks for the tip.
  3. No problem and have a nice day sir.

    - The Brownie
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