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I connected the USB drive into my port. My speakers keep playing music on it's own. It is sporadic and there is no prompt to turn the music off. It plays over my computer videos, music etc. How do I get the involuntary music coming from the speakers to stop? Please help. Thanks!
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  1. It depends on what is playing the music. Does it persist through a restart?
  2. Yes, it plays after a restart. It pays through all any of the voice or music that I am playing on my computer or from any website,. It's sporadic but constant. It's playing more frequently now while I am typing this message. The company (Sound Blaster) support have not idea what it may be. They feel it may be a conflict with the Win 8 upgrade. I have re-installed, custom installed and I have exhausted deleting other software on my computer. It plays totally involuntary. If I join a webinar it plays. I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

    Thank you.
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