disply drivers screwed up my display settings!

I have a pavilion a720n and just reinstalled xp pro. I went to the hp website to istall all my drivers. At first I had 4 or 5 display settings and after installing my display drivers, I only have 2! WTF?
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  1. hi,
    what do you mean display settings? resolutions?
  2. exactly, there were lik 5 different ones before I installed the display drivers. I wouldn't even have installed it if there wasn't an exclamation mark on it in my device manager. Now I only have 800 x 600 and 1024 x whatever it is, I would prefer something in between.
  3. my friend the correct resolution for your monitor is 1024x768 assuming you have 14 to 15(4.3) inch monitor.resolutions between 800x600 and 1024x768 will give a wrong aspect and graphics will be stretched and distorted.

    by updating your drivers the system left only the correct resolutions(the ones that match your monitor).
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