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I had installed the audigy gamer sound card that i got back in 2001 on my new bulid with windows 7 a year ago in april up until then i was using win xp i skiped the whole vista thing anyways win 7 did not recognize the card as being there so i finally just gave up on the audigy card ever working with win 7 even though Creative has win 7 drivers for it and every time i would install the drivers it would get a point during the install and say that i did not have a Creative sound blaster product installed so yesterday i decided to remove it...This sound card came with a add on plug in a MIDI/Joystick Port that pluged into the card via an extra bracket with a ribbon and a plug for a joystick because i have a Microsoft Precision Pro joystick so i put the card in with the game port attached...When i removed the sound card i detached the game port and started putting every thing back in the cards box but for some reason i put the audigy card back in my system without the game port attached to it hit the power button and when win 7 booted this time it found new hardware the Creative win7 drivers installed without a hitch the sound card works great now but i cant use my joystick...Thats my luck i would finally get it to work 12hours after i orderd a new Z sound card...So if anyone has a creative sound blaster audigy gamer and wants to use it on win7 download the latest drivers from creative and dont plug in the game port...
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  1. Huh, that's actually pretty good advice, as that's a random thing to fix that sorta issue.
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