Convert Sapphire HD 7970 Dual x(Blue PCB with two 8 pins) to GHZ edition

Hi Guy, two days ago I bought 2 sapphire Sapphire HD 7970 Dual x having gpu clock @925 and Memory clock @1375 and under Trixx v4.6 VDDC shows 1200. Its runs lighting fast. I noticed this card has two 8 pins where as most dual x have one 6pin and 8pin. That's not the issue.

1. when I tried to upgrade it to GHZ edition with bios flash its not working.
2. I tried downloading some bios from one site, but non of them worked.

I know I can increase the GPU clock and memory clock to achieve GHZ speed. But I wont get the GPU boast. So I can flash it to GHZ edition ?
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  1. Just try to overclock it to 1050 mhz or 1100 mhz. Gpu boost is not really important.
  2. lloydloo said:
    Just try to overclock it to 1050 mhz or 1100 mhz. Gpu boost is not really important.

    Thanks for the suggestion lloydloo. But if I overclock it manually, will it going to work same as it should work with a dynamic clock.

    And in MSI Afterburn "Core voltage MV" is locked, But in Trixx VDDC is 1200 but I can change it. What dose that mean ? Both are same or different ? I am a noob to it, so just want to have all the info before doing anything.
  3. well the thing is amd boost feature does not work like nvidia gpu boost. with amd card they advertised the card as 1Ghz but actually the card operate at 1050Mhz at all time. it will only clock down to 1000Mhz when the temperature has raised to the level where the gpu needs to throttle down the clock. if you want the card to operate more than 1050Mhz you're going to do it manually. so i think it is not worth it if you want to flash the bios just for the boost feature.
  4. What he said^ and you can probably only change voltage in trixx because it uses a sapphire custom pcb(i think?).
  5. What voltage I need to set fot 1050/1500 ?
  6. ^ that one you have to find it yourself through fine tuning. if you want more info you should look for thread or forum that discussing about 7970 OC.
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    Just use MSI Afterburner, set the Power Limit to +20%, Core Clock to 1050, Memory Clock to 1500. Apply and enable the "Apply overclocking at system startup" at the bottom of the UI. Go into general settings and enable "Start with Windows" and "Start minimized"

    Now your 7970 should always be running at the overclocked speeds :)

    You will only need to increase core voltage if you start to get graphic artifacting, glitching, black screens or any anomalies. That means your overclock settings are not stable and the GPU might need higher voltage. (In general, avoid touching core voltage as it could permanently damage your GPU or reduce its lifespan)

    I am using a Sapphire 7950 VaporX Boost/OC, passively overclocked to 1050MHz core clock and 1450 memory clock using the same method as above. Runs stable and doesnt exceed 60 degrees C. Extremely happy with it :)
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