Best Motherboard for Overclocking I5 3570K

Hello guys, i need some advise please.

i've decided to get the i5 3570k processor and looking for a mobo that is the best for overclocking it.

I've been looking at the asrock z68 and z77 versions but dont know which one to get.

I dont plan on expanding or upgrading any components expect the gpu and overclocking cpu by cooling. (later on)
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  1. wrong thread post. sorry
  2. Both of those boards will OC like a champ, but the Z787 is a newer chipset with more features than the Z68. I run and like the Z77 Extreme6.
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    If you are willing to go in another direction, MSI, here are my results with their Z77A G43 .

    MSI has really focused on overclocking and trying to make it easy.
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