Best Cheap Gaming Mobo for i3-3220/3210

my friend wants to build a cheap gaming pc due to limited budget, the minimum budget for the mobo is $50, the cpu is i3-3220/3210 and the gpu he chose is just like the one i suggested him from this site a gtx 650 ti.. what can you guys recommend thanks :)
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  1. hI,
    50 $ is a bit unrealistics,

    for about 59 $ + tax you can get micro atx board if you don't need any pci slots.
    here an example. But micro atx also limits you on memory and usb ports

    If you want a gaming mobo, you'll have to invest at least 150 $, most mobo under that are limitted or lemons ;)
  2. 150$ ? maybe its a little bit to much for me, im limited on money :(
  3. Go for this you will be fine

    Edit: Such a important part in your build you should seriously consider adding another $20 (dont overspend)
  4. You mean a max of $50?

    You could go for this MSI board that can accommodate one video card:
    MSI H61 Board

    If you're not going to be overclocking and you're using an i3, this will be sufficient. It's got all the basics, can accommodate 1 video card and 4 disks. It doesn't have surround sound, but I'm guessing that's not a concern?
  5. what if i change my budget to 100$ ?
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