New 170 pounds home build

My mother is a web designer and is using a laptop with a i3 370m,4gb,hd 3000.... She does not need the something mobile and I need the laptop for a hackintosh, xcode...

Use = Dreamweaver, max 10 tabs on chrome, coreldraw 11, all those mostly open at the same time...

Be buying max 10 days, Uk, prefer ebay (good reputation) or ebuyer

Dont need monitor, mouse, keyboard, psu (I have a corsair 430)
monitor res : 1080p no gaming at all

The parts ive choosen by now (from ebay)

Case: random m-atx [18]

PSU: dont need one [0]

RAM: Kingston HyperX Red 4GB 1600MHz [25]

wd blue 500gb [35]

integrated graphics

Now the real doubt =

CPU g2020 [52]
mobo MSI B75MA-P33 [50]


CPU G860 [70]
mobo MSI H61M-P20-G3 [36]


anything else

not sure if shoud go with a sandy more powerfull cpu and cheaper mobo or the ivy option, the cheaper ivy cpu is better performance-price because its way cheaper and just a bit slower but a b75 mobo is more expensive...

Thanks for taking a look
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    Ivy bridge is faster by 2-3 percent :) Get Ivy, and motherboard with it will give you more options for future.
  2. Definitely go for Ivy Bridge. Pretty similar in CPU power with better integrated graphics and a more feature packed motherboard. Slightly lower power consumption as well.
  3. Ok, thanks guys, ill be going ivy then...
    I took a look at PassMark website and the i3m370 scores 2000 points and the g2020 scores 2800 points.... is this the only way to compare a mobile to a desktop chip? is the pentium 2c\2t faster or at least the same as a 2c\4t mobile i3? Im just worring that Ill build a less powerfull machine...
  4. Yes, it's the only way to compare cause specs don't mean a thing unless you test them. G2020 is faster than i3M370 for sure no need to worry about that. If your mom is satisfied with current performance then she will be a little more with new PC.
  5. Awsome... Ill be buyng the stuff...

    ps. Wow, you can actually build a decent machine for so little money... the laptop is from acer, build quality is kind of crap and it was 450 pounds one year ago...
  6. Nothing wrong with that Acer, its just that in a laptop they have to squeeze out all the performance they can out of like 35W. Desktop CPU's are generally a lot higher, even going up to 140W in some cases. You're always going to get much better performance out of a desktop. You could equal a $2000 gaming laptop with like $600-700 in a desktop in terms of performance.
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