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Has anyone used the asus mx239h? if so is it good?
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  1. you can google reviews
  2. there hasn't been many reviews, that wasn't very helpful either
  3. Here is the answer by a really good rep at Asus

    Here are some questions I aske Asus and here are the answers:

    have problem finding out important spects since trying to decide which of your monitors to buy.

    1. The ASUS PA238Q shows 100 % sRGB according to your wbpage.
    What is the percentage of the Asus MX239H in regards to sRGB? Is it also a wide gamut panel ? if not, what is the percentage?

    Question 2.

    In regards to grayscale accuracy and tracking, What is the Delta-E value for the Asus MX239H ?

    I find out the specs for some of your competitiors while checking out the 27 inch screen of the same model but would really like to have the 23" if it is good enough. My ASUS laptop has an IPS screen and I would like the ASUS MX since there is new IPS technology on the MX239H but am wondering if it is better or worse than the PA model.

    Ryan your first question it looks like it will be 89%, but can get up to 90.8% after calibration
    also another godd spec is that the greyscale is

    Ryan value = 3

    So the new MX might not be 100 % sRGB but for the price they offer
    the MX239H is great.
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