Is i5-2310 good for gaming?

I want to know if the i5-2310 enough for modern games with an GTX 550 ti?
I will get a descent Graphics Card later!But for now is it good?
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    Yes why not most of the games in market you can play medium or high settings @720p or 1080p no problem :)
  2. You will be fine. Happy gaming!
  3. i just ordered an i5 2310 myself. the 3.2Ghz is the locked limit but even at 2.9Ghz stock speed it pulls some good numbers and falls in the "high end" CPU category on cpumark. got a good ol ati radeon HD 5770 with full overclocking potential available on it via msi afterburner. should be a good rig this time round! especially since i current have a Pentium dual core 2.6ghz cpu mark of a mere 1400! my last good rig only had a Q6600 at 2.9Ghz pulling around a 4000 cpu mark with a HD 7770 it played every game i had except hitman at 30+ average FPS. happy gaming!
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