Screen tearing while watching videos

Everytime i'm watching movies there is this spot in my monitor that tears so frequently that it annoys me so much that it makes me want to stop watching the movie, though when i'm gaming i don't see the screen tearing happening. What is causing this problem?
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  1. Any sort of system specs or are we supposed to guess?
  2. my specs are i5 3570k, MSI gtx 660 ti, asus 24" LED 1920x1200, ASRockz77 xtreme4, Patriot 8gb, corsair cx600. I tested DVD's and the results are "no tearing" , Played games like GTA4 and WoW and the results "no tearing" , Playback some videos on youtube and the results "no tearing" , started watching Netflix movies and the results are Screen tearing, so with this i figured its some of the movies that netflix had added in their selection. The only time i get the Screen tearing is watching some of the movies from netflix or
  3. hmm if there is tearing with netflix is it possible it is a latency issue then?
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