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So I was just streaming and playing bf3 and all of a sudden my streaming program crashed, bf3 shutdown and half the programs open were all locked up.(sound settings,skype,chrome) So I go to try to restart and start menu locks up. I hard turnoff my pc and turn it back on. it says my ssds win32 is either corrupt or missing. So im assuming it died on me here. I run my regular older harddrive i used to storage and it started up like it was brand new. thing is, im not able to use the mouse or internet, it tells me i need internet drivers, I also dont have the cd for my mouse anymore but im getting by for now without it. My internet is working just fine for my laptop so its the driver issue, Automatic updating wont work and alot of other things are working. Could anyone please assist me with this issue, I dont need to get anything off the ssd but is there a way to mabye confirm its actually dead or I just didnt mess it up myself? Any help would be appreciated. Reply here or add me on skype @ xxjukesterxx please. Thanks guys!
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  1. rgd1101 said:

    Im doing a disk check right now but after ill give this a shot. I managed to get my mouse to work internet issue still exists tho.
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