Case Fans are really loud

I found two old 50mm 2pin fans lying around so I filed down the connectors and connected then to the 3 pin headers on my Gigabyte 970A-DS3 mobo but they are so loud, they push alot of air out of the case but the speed seems overkill, so can I reduce the speed somehow? they are only connected through the black and red wires.

Specs - AMD 965 BE and ATi 7850 - nothing is overheating its just that the case only had one flimsy fan and the temps for the cpu reach 54C under full load and the gpu is about the same.
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    50mm fans are almost always loud because they are relatively small so they run at high speed to push air.
    BTW 54C is tolerable since the maximum recommended temp is 62c.
  2. probably cheaper to buy bigger fans

    but if you have an adapter to a molex connector you can modify the voltage and slow the fans
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