Compatible CPU for GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3


I am looking to rebuild my PC and have shortlisted the GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard. I see that it's an AM3+ socket motherboard. Now I am wondering whether this would be compatible with an AM3 socket processor, like the AMD FX6100

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance
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  1. Hi,
    yes, it is:
    Some of the CPUs require a BIOS update though.
  2. Thanks for your prompt response Alex.

    Also I'd like to have your (or any of the other experts') opinion on the above mentioned Mobo and the processor combo - do you think it's good or could you suggest something better? (read that the old Phenom CPUs are better than the FX series) I am very much open to options and suggestions. I don't have a high budget though and I am not a gamer, so I don't need anything high end.

    Kindly suggest.

    Thanks a lot!
  3. What applications would you run? Multitasking or regular office/browsing?
  4. Mostly regular applications along with moderate level of multitasking. Some heavy apps would include Photoshop & lightroom and I would also need to upload/ download large amount of files to/ from servers through FTP. Being able to play some games such as NFS and some other moderate level action games would be nice too.

  5. You're most welcome.
    Would you consider Intel too or only AMD (I'm not an AMD fan).
    If AMD then I would go with FX, a AMD 970 (to remain in the same price range).
  6. Hi Alex

    I would consider Intel but budget could be a constraint. My current system has been running on AMD/ ASUS combo for the last 4 yrs and so far it has been okay. But some components of the current mobo has gone faulty such as the audio device and now the network adapter is malfunctioning as well (causing very high DPC latency). Moreover I have a 2.1 Ghz processor (Athlon 4000+) which heats up a lot causing abrupt shutdown of the computer.

    So these are the reasons why I'd like to upgrade the computer. So AMD is good for me - would you suggest FX6100 or would an FX4100 suffice?

  7. Thanks a lot, those links are really helpful
  8. Another quick question - the Gigabyte 78LMT USB3 has SATA 3Gbps headers. Can I attach a 1TB HDD (Seagate Barracuda) that has a SATA 6Gbps interface? Would this HDD be compatible with the mobo?

  9. Yes, they are compatible with SATA II.
    And they don't take advantage at all from SATA III (mechanical limitations).
    If cheaper than a similar SATA II, buy it. If not, use a SATA II one.
  10. Great thanks. So I have decided to go with FX 4100 with the Gigabyte motherboard. The only concern I have is with the 1066 Mhz RAM support of the mobo. Most of the RAMs I see online are 1333 and above. Can I attach a 1333 RAM to that mobo and would it automatically change its freq to 1066 or does this not happen at all?
  11. Hi Alex

    After going through several more reviews and benchmark scores, I have changed my mind from AMD to Intel. I have shortlisted the following and will be buying them tomorrow or the day after

    Intel i3 3220
    Intel DH77EB Motherboard

    Does this look good to you or would you suggest something else? The i3 3220 is priced almost the same at the FX 6100 but I see it has a better benchmark score against the 6100 on some tests

    I was also looking at the i5 3570K but it is priced twice as much as the 3220 and would be an overkill for the kind of work I'd be doing. So let me know if 3220 is something you'd suggest.

    Also wanted to ask you if there is any significant difference between the Corsair Vengeance series of RAM and the normal Kingston/ Transcend series. Considering I am not a gamer, does it still make sense to go with the vengeance series?

    Thanks a lot!
  12. Just saw another mobo along the same price as that of the Intel one - ASRock Z77 Pro 3

    ASRock has an inbuilt VGA port, so I won't need an adapter.

    Which one should I go for?
  13. Hi,
    I think that you will not be dissapointed.
    The CPU has integrated graphics (HD 2500), so you can use the onboard video port (I would go with the ASRock board).
    The CPU is on the Support list:
    Some of the 3220 require a BIOS update (P1.30) but I guess that the board will have the right BIOS (manufactured after May 2012).
    And you can upgrade the CPU later or install a graphics card and have a solid system.
    Of course there are better boards, but taking into account the budget limitations, I think that the ASRock and 3220 are a good option.
  14. Awesome. Thanks man!

    Also any input on the RAM selection? Corsair Vengeance or a normal Kingston or Transcend?
  15. I would go with low profile RAMs (to make sure that they would fit a larger CPU heatsink), 1600MHz, 1.5V, one 2x2 or 2x4GB kit, choosing from
  16. The AMD platform you mentioned above will be okay and If you will use this PC for heavy graphics, then you might need a dedicated GPU GTX 660 or HD 7790 and at least 500 watts PSU and an 8 Gig RAM.
  17. I have the same mobo and trying to find a CPU cooler for it?
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