ASUS P8z77-le Plus Issue

I was running my system on a intel i5 3570k cpu on stock fan. I recently decided to upgrade to a corsair h60. I have a WD 500 gb hard drive and a intel 60 gb ssd and was using it as cache using the intel smart response. well i proceeded with the removal of the fan and cpu to clean off the old thermal paste and reinstalled it correctly. when i turned it on, it detected my cpu as new hardware, i proceded tho the bios/uefi and check to see if all temps were good. i continued to the booting and got the disk check going on for some reason. it stated that the system wasnt shut down properly when infact i did, and started relocating, deleting tons of files. windows 7 loaded but everything was corrupted. it happens that the sata mode switched back to AHCI mode from raid, which is needed for intel smart response to work. well now that everything was scrambled in the drive i decided to wipe my hard drive and ssd. continued to the bios and noticed that my optical drive is listed twice on the boot priority one with a UEFi lable on top. is there something screwed up here? i dont remember it showing when i first installed my machine. i got my hdd on sata6_1 port and my ssd on sata6_2 port. it wont show my ssd as a boot priority. yes im a noob. thanks for your help guys. :D
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    I would firslty try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes).
    Then check again the settings in BIOS.
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