Problems with frequent disconnects and slow/unresponsive internet(Help needed)

Hello there, I've been having an issue that's been bothering me for some time with my internet connection, but I'm unsure what information I need to provide so I'll describe my issue, provide any information I can think of that could be relevant and hopefully someone will be able to guide me further...

Recently I moved in with my relatives and we're sharing an internet connection which is largely problematic. We get frequent disconnects(lasting anything from a few seconds when everything just stops responding up to even hours) and there are extended periods of time during which the internet is extremely slow in every aspect.
Often I get the "DNS server not responding" message when I open up the windows troubleshooter tool.
We have recently changed internet provider and the problems just got worse since the disconnects are now more frequent.

We live in a village and I thought that it could be due to poor quality of telephone lines, but then I thought that there are periods where it's steady and working normally. On the other hand I considered high internet usage by the whole family to be affecting this(I think we have a 4mbps connection shared across 4 PCs) but whenever i tried pushing the connection with torrents downloading together with youtube videos and an online game playing all I managed to get was a laggy game and slow download times, but not complete unresponsiveness.

Another issue I noticed that often happens is that I could be in-game playing with friends while talking over skype and at some point I'll get a disconnect from the game, while being unable to visit any site on my web browser but skype keeps working normally(this doesn't happen every time, just sometimes, the others everything stops working, even skype)...

Anyone got any ideas on how to work around this problem? What kind of information would I need to provide?

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for the messy post, I'll try to provide as clear information as possible when someone can guide me as to what type of information I'll need to provide(and perhaps where to find it since my knowledge of such things is close to non-existant).
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  1. when on heavy use try a dsl test to see what is the donwload speed and the upload speed i would also check the router it could be heating and cut signal .
  2. I've checked the router and it doesn't seem to be heating.
    I ran a speedtest while streaming and hd video and the downspeed was at ~3mbps while the upspeed at 0.45 mbps... Do you think i should try to find some torrent to download while streaming a video and run the speedtest again?
  3. for the next the test i would use the computer connect to the provider system without the using the router and do the same speed test and compare with the one you pay for if they are in the same specs .
  4. I changed the default dns to the google public dns using the how-to guide here:
    and I haven't had any disconnects since then. It's only been a few hours, but I always got a major dc every 3-4 hours and it's almost 10 since that. My latency has increased a little bit, but I think the dns was the issue... Do you think I have to contact my provider about it? I also disabled the ipv6 protocol for some reason(I'll try reinabling it again though and see if it still works or issues arise again)...
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    yes give a call to your provider technical service they could made a test and see if the net modem they use in your home is the one that cause the disconnect also explain the dns issue to them .
  6. I will, thanks a lot for your time, mate!:)
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