1080p at 60Hz causes audio problems.

Hi all,
Recently built a new PC. My audio however, was noticeably choppy whenever there was audio output. After troubleshooting and reading around the topic I noticed that others were having similar troubles but without any real solution. After running the 'DPC Latency Checker' and receiving the error message instructing me to disable certain devices I still was without luck. Eventually I isolated the issue. My audio runs perfectly smooth when not displaying in 1080p HDMI at 60Hz. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? I'm considering buying a new monitor anyway so maybe this will fix my troubles.

TL;DR: Audio choppy in 1080p 60Hz, runs perfectly smooth at any other resolution/refresh rate.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT:Using my monitors internal speakers for sound via my HDMI cable.
EDIT 2: I don't know how to pick my own response as the solution so I just chose the first response.
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    What's the rest of your system specs?
  2. johnnyq1233 said:
    What's the rest of your system specs?

    Gigabyte Z77X-D3H Mobo, Intel i53570K@ 3.4Ghz, AMD Radeon 7970, Ares 16GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and my monitor is a ViewSonic VX2433wm.
  3. Does it work fine @59Hz?
    If so you can run that as some 60Hz monitors prefer 59 Hz for some reason.
  4. johnnyq1233 said:
    Does it work fine @59Hz?
    If so you can run that as some 60Hz monitors prefer 59 Hz for some reason.

    When I apply 59Hz it just changes back to 60Hz, plus now it seems that the audio is only smooth at 720p.
  5. Can you try non HDMI sound (like from the motherboard output)?
  6. To all who are dealing with this issue, today I found my solution. I just purchased some external Logitech speakers instead of using my built in monitor speakers. Needless to say the audio quality is VASTLY better and my sound issues are no more. Thanks everyone for the input and I apologize for late replies!
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