Computer Wont Turn on, PSU led blinking !

Well hello everyone,

I have this old computer that i got awhile back ago and well it was working normal but recently i noticed that when i tried to turn it on it wont start at all , soo i took a look to the PSU on the back and the small green led is blinking and it wont stop doing that , soo i decided to open it and i noticed that if i unplug the 24 pin connector the blinking stops o.o and the only way i found to turn it on was to unplug the 24pin and then quickly plug it back and press the botton xD , that way it turns on but obviously this will repeat if i discconect the pc or if i leave it w/o energy for too much time .

So anyone have any idea what could be going wrong?
I was thinking it could be the PSU but... is so weird ... i really dont know what else .. Q_Q.

Early Thanks Tho.!
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  1. To get started:

    1. Search for the manual online and see what the blinking means

    2. Try just turning off the rocker switch on the PSU instead of unplugging anything
  2. Try another PSU. If you don't have one laying around try unplugging the psu from everything in the machine except for a fan or some kind of load ( a dead hdd does well here) and grounding pin 16 in the picture below to make the psu turn on.

    If it works then, it should be fine, which means it may be your motherboard...
  3. Thank you so much that was pretty fast ! I will try that tomorrow morning since i already did the "trick" to turn it on and my bro is using it right now. I really hope is not the Mobo cuz that would be awful u.u.
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