Computer spontaneously reboots. Now it won't turn on at all

I built my own rig close to 2 months ago, and I'm starting to experience issues that I'm not sure how to diagnose.

The computer has been randomly rebooting for the past two weeks. It started out only happening when I played The Sims 3. I assumed it must have been an issue with overheating, so I started to monitor the GPU and CPU temps while playing. The GPU never got over around 35-36 degrees celcius; the highest I saw the CPU reach was around 73 upon entering bios immediately after a spontaneous shutdown/reboot.

About 30 minutes ago, while just browsing online, the computer shut down completely. I tried restarting it, and it's not budging. The fans start up for a few seconds, and then nothing. I opened the computer...there's no dust build up, and all the connectors seem to be in securely. I'm not sure what to think the problem is, so I was hoping for some input on this.

Specs for reference:
Radeon-7850 1GB
8 GB Kingston RAM
WD Blue 1TB HD
Corsair TX 650 watt PSU
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  1. Have you tried placing the video output in the on board graphics port?
  2. Just tried it with no luck. The fans are still starting and then stopping. I can see the green light flash on the optical drive, and then go out again as well. I'm starting to think there may be an issue with the power supply.
  3. 1. Unplug video card then go from on board graphics ( I had a brain fart and forgot the moment you plug in a graphics card it disables onboard graphics).

    2. Is your RAM two sticks? Try booting from one stick and then the other if the first stick doesn't work.

    3. Update your post if either of these solutions doesn't work.
  4. No luck again. Though now that I've plugged everything back in and closed the case, it's making loop attempts to start up (fans starting and then stopping over and over)
  5. So then I would definitely say PSU.
  6. it could be you psu, but its more than likely your motherboard that is the issue, and it has most likely been caused by some sort of power surge or dip. id say 70% chance its your motherboard, 30% chance its the psu.. you can do a quick paperclip test on your psu, to test if it runs (it is not a definitive test though). if it runs i would say the odds of it being your motherboard go up to about 90%...

    If you dont know what the paperclip test is here is a link to it.
  8. I'll have to go to the store tomorrow and pick up a pack of clips. Thanks for the replies and help guys. Hopefully I can get this issue resolved and figure out what needs to be done
  9. thanks for the link KJwinden! good luck Quix, i know how frustrating this can be... hope you come right.

    you can use any wire etc, doesn't have to be a paperclip
  10. Quick question though.
    If it were the motherboard, I would assume that the power supply would still technically be "running", correct? When I try and start it up, I can feel the fan in the PSU start and blow some air, and then stop.
  11. That is what the paperclip test is for Quix.
  12. And no prob Pony. I try to keep my answers short and simple here, even though this is a tech forum I find most of the people posting are non-tech oriented and need simplified, non-tech orientated answers to their questions.
  13. Right, lol. I'm sorry, it's late and I got a bit confused. I feel so frustrated with myself. I was able to build the rig no problem, but I get so lost at times when it comes to mechanics and troubleshooting.
  14. yea it is probably cutting out due to a short on the motherboard... everything will start up for just a second, the fans will get a quick burst of power and reset, some psu's will just keep trying to power up after a failed start, so it may just keep trying over and over to restart. you can't rule out the psu, but it my experience it is almost always the motherboard.
  15. Its ok Quix, I work on medical imaging systems; and one of our biggest rules of thumb is never be afraid to admit you dont know...hang up your pride and ask someone who has more experience or that is better at certain areas than you are.

    It's what we have this forum for in the first place.
  16. Also Quix, did you put all the standoffs on on your MOBO? That is also a very common problem.
  17. Ah, actually I think I may have left 2 standoffs out when I built it
  18. Put those standoffs on...that can cause MOBO shorts.
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