Two PSU's, One Computer --- How can this not be a good idea?


I'm hoping that I can get an expert's opinion on this great idea of mine...

My main computer died earlier this week, and I'm using this awful replacement for the time being (i.e. the next 1 - 5 days max).

One of the most painful parts, has been downgrading from 2 monitors down to 1. Not only that, but the graphics card is circa 2006 in this old Dell, and all of the fonts and colors look like amateur hour (haven't been able to find any drivers for the integrated video card).

Now, the graphics card from my old computer (an EVGA GTX260, circa 2009) supports 2 monitors and has pretty colors and excellent resolutions for me. Not only that, but it fits in the replacement's case, while the old PSU does not (both of which still work just fine). Please note again, that the old PSU does not fit in the replacement case.

That is okay, because this is only a temporary solution. However, I would love to install my old graphics card into the replacement case and leave the replacement's PSU as is (b/c I don't really own this machine). Now here comes the tricky part...

Is it okay for me to have the old PSU:
1) plugged into the wall,
2) outside of the replacement case, while
3) snaking only the two small power plugs through an empty PCI slot in back of the case into the graphics card? (which would of course be inside and installed into the motherboard).

My main concerns are:
1) Does the intense power cord that goes from the PSU into the mobo, communicate with the graphics card in regulating the card's power? OR, is that communication done solely through the two small power cords that go into the graphics card?
2) If condition #1 directly above is good to go, then do I need to concern myself with the other power cords of the old PSU, and somehow ensure that they don't touch my desk or the replacement's computer case?

I would appreciate any and all thoughts and feedback. Thank you very much for reading this rambling post.

Best regards,
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    I wouldnt use 2 power supplies. Just have the old one sit outside. I dont see any problems with that
  2. I agree with Azn Cracker. It would be better to just unplug ALL the Dell PSU's connections to the motherboard and HDD and instead just use the old PSU that's sitting on top of the Dell PSU, so that all the cables reach.
    Worth a try and very little risk.
    Your idea of using both PSUs should work as well, provided that you somehow power them on at the same time - not easy to do. I don't think it would be healthy to have the 12V going to the video card's aux power connector while the rest of the system is powered off. I have never tried this and I would be a little nervous.
  3. Excellent solution - thanks a million you guys.
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