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Windows 8 Laptop suddenly not connecting to wireless

March 23, 2013 7:28:44 AM

I was using the internet to send emails when suddenly the connection was lost and the wireless icon in the bottom right changed from connected to - no networks found.

Immediately I checked my other devices (iphone, other laptop) and they still worked fine, still connected.
I then turned off my internet anyway just be sure it wasn't the router - sure enough everything else fine - but laptop still says no network.

So I then try and reset the network card, first by putting flight mode on and then off again.
Then by trouble shooting - says cannot identify the problem.
Panicking slightly by that point, as I have only had this laptop for 3 months - I then went to device manager and disabled and then re-enabled my wireless network card.
It now says there are no drivers installed for it - despite the fact that when i ask to update drivers it says current ones are up to date

I now have system restore running to try and erase my stupidity, but it's been at least 20 minutes now and it hasn't done anything.

any help at all would very much appreciated :) 
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