corsair 600watt psu enough to power 7970ghz

hi i have recently bought a GHz 7970, ive upgraded from a 6970 which i had no problems with, however with this gpu sometimes after windows update or even standard shut down my card seems to turn off and it goes to standard VGA mode. I try re installing the driver but it seems to install faster than usual and does nothing, could this be a power issue as ive read somewhere if the card doesnt have enough power it can turn to standard vga mode? need help worried the gpu came damaged :(
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  1. no it is not psu issue as that psu is enough for hd 7970.update your mobo's bios to latest
  2. That PSU should be enough to power that card. You may have an issue with the card itself or something else in the system.
  3. ok thankyou for the quick replys, it happened the other day and the only way to get my pc to read the 7970 again was to put my 6970 in again, install drivers and the re insert my 7970
  4. it is more then enough ... my previous system i had 7970 on CM 500w psu lol ... worked ace ... also OCed @ 1075ghz haha
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