How is club 3d's customer support in the uk?

As the title says, i'm thinking of going with club 3d for a gpu, but i can't find any reviews on the customer service and was wondering if anyone knew, thanks :D

Also quick side question

gigabyte 7950 - £240 (rounded up)
Club 3d 7870 xt JE - £175 (rounded up)

difference is about £65 (almost $100)

Is it worth the difference? right now i'm thinking no but i'm open minded and i can afford both but the more i save the better :P (playnig at 1080p) and how well does it oc?
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  1. Also please do not recommend nvidia cards, i've looked into it enough as it is. (unless it's an amazing price)

    Thanks :D
  2. also i missed i wanna play games at 1080p mostly maxed out
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