Looking for a good 11.6 netbook or laptop for $400-550

Hello All,
My old netbook (Acer AS1551) which I loved recently died do to a hard fall on the floor courtesy my GF,lol @_@.

Anyway I'm in the market for a new netbook to purchase. I would have just bought another Acer AS1551 as a replacement but unfortunately it seems that it's been discontinued and the one or two I do find are over the 550 mark.

With that being said I figured there might be something out there with similar or better performance for around the same price. I want something speedy. I tend to have multiple things running in the background, like word, multiple tabs of firefox, and sometimes skype at the same time. If I could get at least 5 hours of battery life that would be nice, but I could deal with 4 hours if the price is good. 11.6 Inch screen is a must as I'm a student and anything larger would be to much of a hassle to lug around all day.

I was looking at either the Acer Aspire One AO722-0473 or the Acer Aspire V5-171-6860 (or any other V-5 series).

So, like I said I'm looking for a good 11.6 netbook or laptop for $400-550 that is capable of the above. What do you guys think? Any suggestions from would be great! Thanks in advance!
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  1. personally i don't like acer but if you do heres one that has 64bit os. since its not an atom but an amd apu it's not limited to 32 bit and therefore 4 gigs of ram.

    or this hp is good
  2. atomicWAR said:

    Thank you for your feedback. I don't have a particular preference in brand. Acer is just what I started out with and they seem to have the most products out there, most which seem to be pretty decent. The acer that you first posted I actually looked at and it seems ok. I'm not a tech person at all but I've been told that 1GHz is on the low end. The HP mini seems ok, but I'd rather look at something else. I've heard good things about the sony vaio so maybe I'll look into it a bit more, not to sure about the vivo book...
    Thanks again,

    not really it out performs atoms and many other low power cpus
  4. atomicWAR said:

    not really it out performs atoms and many other low power cpus

    Hmm, I guess. The benchmark from my old netbook which had K325 Dual-Core was 792, almost double of what the C-50 scored...makes me feel like I'm downgrading. :/
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    that i can understand but shy of getting an i3 based system...the c-50 will beat intels competing netbook cpus.
  6. What do you use the netbook for? If you use it for college work, then you also need Microsoft Office. If you can consider buying a light-used and perfectly working netbook, then you can save some money.

    You can check Amazon
  7. I just picked the Acer Aspire V5.
    Thanks for both of your guys help!
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