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I recently built a new computer but it keeps crashing me giving me a BSOD that says Memory Management. At first I though it was the hard drive (because the windows installation process didn't go so smoothly) so I got a new one, same problem occurred. Now I'm thinking it could be RAM but they're brand new so maybe it's the MoBo. The only thing I can think of that could be making this problem is that at startup, the computer beeps and I get a message saying that "default BIOS settings have been loaded due to BIOS update or checksum issue". Is this message some kind of hint to my memory management problem?
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  1. Sounds to me like its your RAM, you may want to go into your BIOS and make sure that the timings and voltages for your RAM are set properly.
  2. Hmm, not sure what that means. However i can't save any changes to the BIOS, every time i make changes and save it just resets everything back to default. I think that BIOS message I mentioned has something to do with it.
  3. also i dont even see any way to set timings and voltages for my RAM
  4. try reseat the RAM and reset CMOS ( battery mobo ) it make your system go default
  5. Is it possible I got the wrong ram speed for the mobo? I looked up my mobo specs and it says DDR3 1333 Mhz. Could this problem occur if I got 1600 for example by accident (I don't really remember which one i got but i think it was 1600)

    update: I just checked what RAM I have and I have 2x2GB sticks each at 667 Mhz. I assume together it means that it's at 1333 Mhz which my mobo says it takes, so that's probably not the problem right?
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