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I've googled all over and can find NOTHING. After plugging in my Toshiba 1TB extertal HD into my nephew's computer (that is using Windows 8) after it working perfectly for a year on my laptop (running Windows 7), suddenly my external HD was no longer recognized.

I've checked disk management it tells me my disk is not initialized but won't let me initialize. In computer devices, it's listed there just fine without any negative issues and says it's working perfectly fine. I have run diskpart and it is listed there but says the size of the disk is 0 B (while disk management tells me it's a 1TB HD) and won't allow me to set partitions or anything.

I'm at my wits end and at this point all I want to do is format it. Any ideas on what else I can do?

I tried it on my husband's custom built desktop and the same thing is happening.
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  1. Check to see if its under warrenty, if it isn't take it apart and plug it directly into your husbands PC, if it still does not recognise or format then its most likely faulty and beyond repair.
  2. It's been over a year so I doubt it's under warranty. I'll try that, thanks.
  3. Sherrey Phantomhive said:
    It's been over a year so I doubt it's under warranty. I'll try that, thanks.

    I would still check on the manufacturers website just incase, some external drives have 2, 3 or even 5 years warranties.

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