New computer build, cant install windows or boot it at all..

I do not know what I am doing wrong.. I have done exactly everything I can think of to solve this.. I have used Google upon this problem and still its the same.

Couple of days ago i built a new computer with all new parts.

When I start it I can see the Motherboard logo (asus) and allt he options, boot menu etc.
I insert a windows DVD with Win7 on it but, aswell as an USB with Win7 and ontop of that that hdd itself with the files on it. But it never autoboots to install windows.
I get to a black screen with a _ blinking.. nothing more.

When i pop in the Motherboard CD for fun.. it finds it right away and want to autoboot it.

Also when I tried with an different HDD that another 64bit computer use (ofc full with other drivers etc, but just to see if it would go to desktop) that too fails, but at the start when first the windows logo is about to show and then restart and asks me to do system repairs... and it does not repair anything.

I do not know what to do and feel very down due to all of this.. this has taken my whole weekend and good 20 houes atleast.

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  1. Best answer
    Go to bios press del or F2 key during boot
    Than change the boot order
    Select DVDrom as 1st option than HDD as 2nd
    Save and reboot
    put win7 installer DVD in should work now.
    Heres a more detailed info :
    Hope I have saved rest of your weekends :)
  2. If the Install Windows page doesn’t appear, and you aren’t asked to press any key, you might have to specify that your PC uses its DVD drive as the first startup device.

    To do this, you need to change the settings in your PC's system (BIOS).
  3. First lets do the obvious and go into the BIOS and go to boot priority. Make the DVD boot first.

    Are you sure the windows CD is genuine?

    Put in the windows CD and it should work. Don't put in the USB stick.

    The other hard drive would not work because it is system dependent. It is looking for a certain motherboard etc in the system. If you had done a system repair your friend would have been pissed because then it wouldn't work in his system without a repair.
  4. @imomun
    I have tried this many times. Still does not boot.

    I am now getting an message "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected Boot device and press a key"

    I downloaded my Iso file and used it through this program "Windows USB/DVD Download Tool" however I could only save it to an USB drive and not to the DVD as I wanted too.. it says the dvd is not blank when it is.
    I wonder if it will work if i copy the files from the USB to the DVD?
    I tried the USB however and it didnt work to boot and go to setup :(
    (I am not going to sit up till 4am since i got work tomorrow.., im going to sleep now). I appreciate your help everyone a lot. I just want to get this done.. this is total torment for me.
  5. You will need to have a bootable Windows setup DVD /USB / Genuine windows installer DVD
    Just copying those windows files in to usb or a dvd wont help
    If you got a windows setup ISO you will first need to a iso burner program then with that burn a DVD
    I would go to sleep if work in morning as these are time consuming but once you go through these you might be able to help others in future:) Knowledge for Geeks LOL
  6. Do you have a license key to go with that iso? That is for people that already have a genuine copy of windows. If that DVD is not a store bought then it isn't going to work
  7. Hello,
    I do have a genuine windows 7, and a code. Just not the CD (my brother bought a computer with Premium and I got his version of Windows when he got a new computer). Its just that I do not get to the screen where I can actually type it in.. What I need is: To get the computer to BOOT and then I think it will all be fine.

    I will try IMGburn and see if it works.

    And yes, I am learning all of these things rather rapidly and I appreciate you spending your time and effort helping/teaching me how to get my system working (as I have never bought all parts before and built my own computer, though I thought I didnt have to buy a new version if Windows for each one computer as I am throwing away the old one that got premium, i thought i could use that code). In worst case scenario I will just order a new Windows 7 copy that comes along with a cd...

    Thank you, I will tell you how it goes later when im home from work.

    EDIT: Sorry I forgot, old copy was Windows VISTA and we upgraded it to Windows 7 Premium. That means I will have to download Vista Boot CD? Using the code.. and then after using the Win 7 code afterwards.. that what we did couple of years ago.
  8. Thank you it works now, it took a while for me to reply here but wanted to do it once I got it all sorted out.

    That boot CD that i made worked wonders. Thank you so much for that solution.

    I had an faulty HDD so i had to replace it with an older one that is working very well now.

    thanks everyone
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