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GPU CPU compatibility?

A friend of mine recently told me that using intel chips with AMD GPU's would make the GPU run less well, and vice versa AMD with Intel GPU. Is this true? Because I have an i5 and am looking to get the HD 7770 and he said no it would be better to go with a GTX 650 so is his theory true and to what extent?
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  1. Simple answer is one big NO. :)

    7770 is your choice. Faster and better than gtx 650.
  2. So is there any difference between performance when using An intel CPU with an AMD card vs an intel with an intel card?
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    It's a bit complex. There is no difference. Ati and Intel or Ati and AMD will perform equally in terms of GPU and CPU. You may get different results because there is no Intel or AMD cpu that are totally same. But let's say that you take game or benchmark which uses only GPU at 100% and have both intel and AMD cpu's which are capable to perform what is requred from them you'll get same results. Maybe it will be 0,5% difference but that's because of motherboards and that CPU's are not exactlly same.
  4. OK thanks :)
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