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I'm upgrading my system from Win7 32 to 64 and I have free space from a linux partition that of course windows has no clue what to do with in the disk management. Should I boot a live CD and relocate that space to the C drive before I do the installation or when installing Win7 64bit will windows reformat that whole drive?
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  1. Just delete the partitions (all of them) when you install Win 7 x64. Then reformat as desired and enjoy!
  2. So just go along as normal with the Win7 install?
  3. Yep. When you get to the part where you select the place to install Windows to, delete all partitions and then create a new one (or however many you want) and proceed with the install.

    Pretty straight forward. Good luck!
  4. I think you have to click "Advanced" when you're choosing the install location. Then it gives you options related to partitions.
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