HP DV9000 no video Reboot with no back light

I have read many threads on how to reflow the GPU, but does this fix work for a DV9000 series that has the back screen of death with NO BACKLIGHT working? This laptop was dropped and now does this:
pad lights up
HD light flickers once
checks DVDRW head
Fans run
about 15 secs, it reboots.

No video, no backlight.
I have tried all the key combos on boot with no success.
holding down CL Alt D simply delays the reboot.
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  1. check cables to make sure there not loose , partial disassemble requires removing plastic above kb
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will check the cables, after asking the client the computer wasn't dropped, it " just stopped working" so while dis assembly I will check the cables before trying a reflo of the GPU. Gosh does anyone like these effin HP's?
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