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Hello I have a Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and recently I've installed the ISO. file for Ubuntu in attempt to dual-boot on a CD. Previously I was able to successfully create a E drive to store the Ubuntu software on. But it corrupted and I had to restart windows.

Now every time I try to format the unallocated space into the E: drive this happens:
The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-to-date.Refresh the view by using the refresh task(which I've tried didn't work). If the problem persists close the Disk Management console ,restart(which i also tried), or restart the computer (which I've also tried).

I also used various software such as Partition Wizard and installed the Microsoft official fix for this (which still didn't work even after restart). I've watched countless you-tube videos and viewed many forums on this topic.

This is what I try to do: Disk Management, Disk 0 >unallocated space (93.90 GB)>right click"New Simple Volume">Next(x2)>Assign Drive Letter A,B,F...: )I only see visible Drive C and D (in the graphical view). I don't see E and I cant choice E in Assign Drive Letter (but sometimes I can). ok let's say F:>Next(x2)>Finish then after a while the error above occurs. Can you please tell me how to either find my E drive and use it . Or to format the unallocated space
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  1. Try opening a command prompt and formatting using diskpart.
  2. run spin right to check disk
  3. leo2kp said:
    Try opening a command prompt and formatting using diskpart.

    Yes I tried that I watched this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9IYenLxMY0 and created a VHD. But now I can't open my Ddrive or view the files on the disk thats inserted in the D drive.
    Im trying to install ubuntu.When I restarted my PC the VHDrive was gone
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