Extremely high memory usage 7GB+ (out of 8) from running nothing, Win7

Hey guys,

I have a laptop running Win7 64bit with 8GB RAM but for some reason the Memory usage keeps on increasing. After restarting, around 2GB is in use. And then, it keeps on increasing until the PC cannot handle it anymore and asks for a restart.

I got rid of some software and did a full scan on my Trend Anti Virus but it wasn't successful.

Please help! :)
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  1. use this to what process use all the memory also do a malwarebytes check .
  2. Hmm might still be a virus issue. Trend micro might not have detected it. scan with another program
  3. Or he could just open Task Manager and see what's using it. Open it and click on show processes from all users, then click the Memory column to sort by memory used.
  4. Thanks a lot for the tips guys!

    @scout_03 thanks for the suggestion. I ran malwarebytes but it said the PC was clean

    @azn cracker good idea but its not an option for me right now

    @cliffro I did. But there were no major single consumer of RAM. Just a lot of similar named processes that keep on gobbling up the memory.

    Usually my PC would be running Chrome with various tabs, a music/video player, random MS Office/PDF at times. I play some video games as well. The RAM usage keeps on increasing until it prompts a restart :(

    It's supposed to be a pretty good laptop well. 3rd Gen i7, 2GB Graphics, 8GB RAM
  5. i would google those process and stop all the one that it is not use for the os itself this way it could find the memory eater .
  6. Avast is my recommended antivirus, even the free version is better than most others. I would try doing a scan with it and see what it finds.
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    Well seems like no antivirus or antimalware is detecting anything. Did this start recently? If so then do a system restore back to a point where everything was working. Last resort would be a reinstallation of windows
  8. I tried everything but it didn't workout. I reinstalled windows and now everything is back to normal. Thanks for the input guys!
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