Evga 680i LT SLI won't boot with more then 4GB of RAM after Bios update!!

I did a bios update to see if i could speed up my pc but instead the pc wouldn’t turn on, that was till i took out 2×1gb sticks of 667 ddr2 memory leaving me with 4 left over ( the other 2 sticks are 2gb) and suddenly it turned back on! It worked fine before with 6gb before the update!!! My motherboard is a EVGA 680i lt sli with a Q6600 and a 550w psu (almost brand new!) I’ve tried cmos pull power cable out and even re flash the bios.
Also at first i thought that dimm 1 and 3 on the board were toast but it seems that the board would boot with 2 1gb sticks and 1 2gb stick in any of the dimms!!!
Any advice would be useful
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  1. I am not completely sure about this but i think you have to put the smaller sticks first (1GB-1GB-2GB -2GB). It's recommended to use same size sticks because of those kind of problems.

    - The Brownie
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