Looking for graphics card which can play GTA 4

My budget is 3 to 3.3k INR. So at this price i can get hd 5570. Is it good for playing GTA IV. I'm a very fan GTA games. plz help! Before i was using hd 6450, using it, the game was lagging.
(My specs AMD FX4100 3.6 GHz processor, 4 gb RAM @ 1333 MHz, 250 GB HDD, 78LMT-S2 mother board)
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    5570 is another entry lavel gpu albeit a bit better than 6450. if you really want to game try at least to get 6670 though you still can't max out the game using it. if you can get 7750 that's even better. i know it might be out of your budget but it will be far better than 5570.
  2. Im sorry, but a 5570 is not going to cut it with GTA IV. The game is so poorly optimized that it requires a much faster card, like a 660 or above.
  3. I would atleast get a Radeon HD 7750. Make sure it has GDDR5 and not DDR3, same goes for if you get a 6670.
  4. just dont expect too much. that game is poorly ported. you need a quad and a fast gpu, even with that you will not have an all out smooth game
  5. I cant even run it on full graphics and my PC is high end
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