ASUS P8Z77-M Pro Vs. MSI Z77A-G43

Both ASUS and MSI same have price. I'm confused whether to buy ASUS micro ATX or MSI ATX motherboard. I don't any size requirements... but I don't want to my motherboard to be too small to fit graphics cards, coolers etc... I dont own any micro atx boards previously... so I'm bit confused. I wont be doing crossfire/SLI or even overclock I just want a good motherboard to support i5 for gaming.
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  2. Thanks for your quick response imomun... I'll take that into consideration. Can you name some good H77 motherboards from ASUS or MSI?
  3. With some advice from imomun I'm going for MSI Z77A-G43 on local market which is $50 cheaper than ASUS P8Z77-M. Thanks again.
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