Windows 7 reporting as not authentic version of Windows Vista

I have an authentic version of windows 7. Keep getting the message that my copy of Windows Vista is not authentic. is this a virus?
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  1. Is your copy of windows vista authentic for certain?

    You can get this message if the dates in your bios are later than the current date. Some piracy exploits advanced the dates to stay within the free 30 day window.
  2. I am running Windows 7. The message that I get says that my copy of Windows Vista is not genuine. This is what has me confused, and makes me think that it's possibly a virus. Windows 7 was working perfectly fine and when came home from vacation and turned on CPU, this notice appeared.

    Thanks to those who posted already, and I hope this makes things a little clearer for those who will post to this thread in the future....or Until I get it figured out...
  3. That is not the kind of message that I would expect from a virus.
    Do a full antivirus scan anyway.
    But if you were on vacation, nothing new would have come in unless you kept your pc running.
    Again, check the clock and date settings in windows and your bios to see that they match to the current date/time.
    We did change to daylight savings time recently.
  4. Are you being prompted for an authentic Windows vista/7 key code..? If so download and run "Belarc Advisor Properties". This will give you detailed information about your system including the windows version installed AND the product key. Copy and paste the key code to the windows product key window and submit it. I had the same issue and this worked for me..
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