Can I use normal Power Supply with BTX motherboard?


Soon, I would like to purchase a much better Graphics card, but to do that, I need a better power supply. I know how to install a power supply, but the problem is, I think I have a BTX motherboard. Will a normal Modular Corsair 500w work with my BTX motherboard?

If it helps, here are my PC specs:

Intel core i3 2120 @ 3.3Ghz
Nvidia GT610
350W PSU

Thanks! :)
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    As long as the power supply fits(standard size). then yes, BTX was/is a board/case layout to try to get the hottest parts cooled first(it also happens to be kind of upside down :) ).

    The power connectors are still normal on a BTX system, just like they are the same on an ITX system
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