Can a CPU Boost cause Driver crashes

OK so as my title says I'm Confused....
A week ago i started getting a few BSOD and it was saying my Display Drivers Crashed. i was running power settings in razor game booster so that my CPU was always Turbo'd to 4.1GHZ tho my stock was 3.6GHZ.
Since then im running on Balanced and so far for 2 or 3 days i have not had anymore BSOD. My question is... Can my CPU cause BSOD Driver Crashes to my GTX 680?
Any help would be Great as i have already got a RMA ticket ready to ship tomorrow. Please Help lol
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  1. Yes it can. You may want to read a bit more, why it's called turbo mode and only used under specific conditions.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply :) im struggling to find any info on this matter lol
  3. Is there any info on Turbo boost crashing the Display Drivers???
  4. Running a cpu outside the specs has always the risk of creating bit errors in memory or on the PCI bus. That's why your driver is crashing.
  5. So should i just stick to having balanced on and cancel my RMA?
  6. Remove the Razer game booster? if that's the name. By the way since you may have an i-series cpu cause you have the turbo boost on I would suggest run on stock speed. If the computer needs an extra speed it will automatically OC itself.
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