Wondering If my Pc will run skyrim smoothly?

I am in need of some info if my pc will run skyrim smoothly? This is what i have.

Intel Pentium D dual core 3.0 ghz
Evga Geforce Gt 640 2gb
4 Gb of ram
Windows 7 32bit

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  1. That depends. What's your monitor resolution?
  2. I am using my tv which is 1080p
  3. You might be able to run it at medium or lower settings and have it smooth, but for high or ultra, you'd need to upgrade both cpu and gpu.
  4. Yeah it really depends that is really quite a out dated pc your working with it would allow you to play older, less graphically demanding games at low to medium settings as well as newer games at lower detail/resolution settings.You should consider upgrading your whole rig a.s.a.p.
  5. I appreciate the quick responses and I will definitely, once the budget is presentable, upgrade my rig. thank you both
  6. No problem your welcome!
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