Bringing a 2Big Network back to life

I received a LaCie 2Big Network from a company that was clearing house after some downsizing. Unfortunately though, they did not have the password to access it. This didn't bother me because I was going to wipe the data anyhow. Here's where the problems began. At first I didn't know if I had a 2Big Network or 2Big NAS. It isn't labelled on the device, or at least the one I received wasn't. After going through the steps to bring it back to defaults, first the NAS steps and then the Network steps, the device no longer connects to the LaCie Network Assistant nor can I see it from my computer. I talked to LaCie's phone support to see if they could help but they only suggested that if those steps didn't work then I had a bad controller and there was nothing I could do. I just want to reach out to see if anyone had experienced anything like this before or had any ideas before I give up on it. Thanks!
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  1. Open them up, pull the disks and see if you can read them on your OS. Having access to the physical disk will open a lot of possibilities.
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