'Yogsblast' or home built?

Hey guys, I recently discovered a pc you can buy for £699 and seems to be fairly good. It's the 'yogblast' and the yogscast YouTube channel use it to upload, record and edit their videos. This kind of tempted me to buy it as there videos range from gaming footage of minecraft to assassins creed 3 and call of duty. However, I've made a list of the parts i was thinking to include in the pc build I might do, would you guys be able to tell me which system would be better performance and quality wise? Here's the lists.

Chillblast - Yogsblast : http://www.chillblast.com/Fusion-Yogsblast-Lite.html

Homebuilt specs:

Intel i5 3750k quad core
1155 AsrockH61M-VS motherboard
4GB Ram
Corsair hydro h60 high performance liquid cooler
500GB SATA Hard drive
850w PSU
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit.
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  1. Homebuilt all the way. The parts you listed are much better and that 7870 is close to double the performance of that 550ti, plus it's good to learn how to build a gaming PC if you haven't before.

    Add another stick of RAM though and get a Hyper 212+ instead of an H60, I've had both, 212+ is much better, especially when overclocking. PSU is a bit overkill too, if you don't plan on crossfire in the future, a 600 or 650 watt power supply would be plenty.
  2. Do you plan to run crossfire 7870's in the future? If not that PSU is way over for what your needs would be.
  3. Sorry mclovits, missed you had mentioned the PSU issue already.
  4. I was in the process of editing my post, sorry! Also, you wont be able to overclock much on an H61 board, if you don't plan to, you don't need an i5 3670k, an i5 3550 would work fine.
  5. Okay,thanks guys, I guess it's time to learn about overclocking :P
  6. mclovits said:
    I was in the process of editing my post, sorry! Also, you wont be able to overclock much on an H61

    What would be a fairly low -priced motherboard that I could use instead?
  7. Personally, I like the AsRock z77 Pro4. It's cheap and effective (what I use, and 4.4 GHz was easy as pie).
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