is it a waste of a graphics card when you put Dvi cable into the motherboard?

is it a waste of a graphics card when you put Dvi cable into the motherboard?
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  1. Well, using integrated graphics instead of discrete graphics kinda ruins the point of having a discrete graphics card because you're not using it. Do you have a specific situation in which you're asking this about? Perhaps further help can be given if it is required.
  2. So, basically i moved my computer and suddenly when i plugged 2 dvi into my graphics card it keeps saying no signal. So i put it into my mother board and it worked perfectly. But the thing is Nvdia Control Panel is gone. I tried to download it but gives me error. I tried to download the driver and it gives me This. And in my Add And Remove Program, it has only 2 things I remember deleting one of the drivers and tried to re install it but couldn't also another person said to remove the graphics card and i did nothing worked please HELP?
  3. Well I do not see the point of a discrete GPU ether if you are only going to use the integrated GPU. Why are you using the iGPU instead of the GPU?
  4. Yes in general means, by connect it to mobo will make the dedicated GPU to turn off... (not used)

    but there an exception in laptop and if some tech/soft implemented like enduro, lucid virtu, etc....
  5. I think the point the OP is making is that after s/he moved the PC, the graphics card stopped working.

    @Shankdoodle - Check to make sure your dedicated graphics card is properly seated into the graphics card slot and that any additional power cables are still connected. Then test your system with the DVI ports connected to the graphics card again.

    -Wolf sends

    P.S. Yes, the graphics card is wasted if your display is not connected to it.
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