How to use a wireless usb adapter with router

I was wondering if anyone can help me find a way to connect my wireless router to the internet using a usb wireless adapter. So in otherwords the only way I can connect to the internet is through my usb wireless adapter and I'm trying to connect my wireless router to the mix so I can access the internet with my other devices.
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  1. Well... you want to connect your wireless router to the internet modem/connection first. Then, you plug in your USB adapter, install the necessary drivers, and then configure your wireless network settings to access your wireless router.

    What have you done so far?
  2. Normal configuration is Wireless Router connected permanently to Internet Service Provider via telephone wire/cable/satellite etcetera, then your devices connect to the router using a wireless adapter. Your device will either have a wireless adapter built-in, e.g. laptop, or will require a separate adapter connected to the device via a USB connector. The only way your router could be used in the manner you describe would be to use it as a range extender, connected to another wireless router that is connected to an ISP via telephone wire etcetera.
  3. There are only a couple of true routers that will do what you want. There is no way to do this with the current equipment you have. What you can do is buy another router that can run as a client/bridge or buy a bridge. These are many times called gaming adapters. You would then plug this device into the wan port.
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