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Hi folks. My computer hard disk drive has become really slow and I'm seriously thinking of giving my computer a speed boost by replacing my old hard drive with a speedy one. I want the fastest hard drive available nowadays that can take my computer to the next level of speed and performance. Any suggestion in this regard? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Fastest HDD are Velociraptors from WD or Seagate Cheetah but any SSD will be faster... Fastest SSD are the Samsung 840 pro, the Kingston Hyperx 5k and the OCZ Vector (make sure to have SATA 3 to benefit from fast SSD like that, if not, any SSD will do better than HDD on SATA 2 limitations so don't buy a 300$ 128gb SSD drive as you won't see any difference from a 100$ 128gb on SATA 2...
  2. in day-to-day usage, most of us won't notice the difference between the fastest and not-as-fast ssd's. a decent ssd is still a lot faster than mechanical hdd's
  3. Branson dumisani said:
    What spawnkiller said is right. This article must be helpful for you:

    Yes it is really helpful.

    Thank you all guys for your help.
  4. I just bought 10000RPM Velociraptors and set them up in a RAID1 (ext4 over LVM over MD). Such a huge difference comparing to the regular 7200RPM WD and Hitachis. Latencies are < 5, read speeds are ~200MB/s and writes are ~140MB/s. And virtually no degradation in performance for long IO operations. Huge difference. If you use your workstation as a server then SSDs are not the best option due to wear factor.
  5. i'd still get an ssd :)
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