do i need a water cooler for a six core processor?

Hi, i just bought all my parts for a computer im building. i have enerything, except the ram is in the mail. i got an asrock 930 extreme3 mobo, and i have an amd fx-4300.

the processor is a quad core, and i have just a regular stock cpu fan. i was wondering, bc its on sale for the same price i got my processor at, if i needed a water cooler to use a six core, amd fx-6100 processor? if i bought the six core, would it be worth it?
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  1. No you don't need a water cooler. The FX-6100 is a 95w processor and the stock cooler should do just fine.
  2. Need no you would not need to go water cooling. I would however consider a aftermarket heatsink/fan because the CPU coolers that come with the FX CPU tend to sound like a jet engine when they ramp up. I have a FX-8120 and FX-8350 based rig and can tell you that I went with water cooling on both of them but not something I had to do a good heatsink/fan would have worked just fine.
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