can't enable AHCI

I just added a Samsung SSD to my HTPC. I need to enable AHCI to get full speed.

But as soon as i enable it in my BIOS, i can't boot Windows 8 anymore (says a device is missing and it needs to be repaired)

What am I doing wrong ?

Samsung 830 SSD
Biostar Motherboard TA75M+
windows 8
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  1. You can't change from IDE to AHCI on a running system. In order to do that you will have to re-install your OS. I have heard of work arounds but do not know how it is done. You might be able to google a solution. I do not know if a workaround comes with any problems ether the only way I have ever done it is a complete re-install.
  2. You will have to edit your registry and change bios & reboot.
  3. Hi, Install the SATA driver and then try the Microsoft fix
    Set SATA to AHCI in BIOS and see if it does boot.

    I used this guide to do it after win 7 was installed, worked perfectly. Checked with CrystalDisMark for 6gb/s speeds and Crystal Disk Info for trim support and interface; sata 3
  5. ABOVE IS WRONG, See w8 (w7 example was wrong)

    w8 reasons
    This is due to changes in Windows 8 PnP in which Boot Start Drivers are not installed by default.

    add to all lists. and ways.
    1: do a system save restore point, with date in name. you will thank me later. grin.. and before flipping the registry setting to AHCI

    I just did this to a w8 installed to SSD , on a M5a78Lmlx-plus mobo, with fresh bios flash. All other posts, everywhere show w7 solution for w8 and all failed to work, the above, works for w8 (MS KB)
    the boot of w8 is 2x faster. in AHCI.
    hope this helps others.
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