MSI 7970 Lightning vs 7970 Matrix Platinum

Hello, i want to ask what better card between 7970 lightning vs Matrix.
Lightning is Ghz edition or not?

And what the difrencein performance between them? (FPS)
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  1. If you ever plan to crossfire then you must absolutely never get an Asus Matrix or DCU2 TOP card unless it is a 2 slot design.

    If however you plan to stick to one card, the Asus Matrix is a Beast. most other Video cards have the memory at stock or near stock speeds including the Lightning. The Matrix has it at over 6600Mhz if I recall correctly... the fact that you can take it up to 7.0GHZ and overclock the already high 1100Mhz Core clock to 1250-1305Mhz is a nice bonus...

    If you have a Windowed case and want a Video card full of bling, the matrix does that as well... if you are into that sort of thing.

    The Matrix may perform around 10-30% faster than a stock 7970/7970Ghz depending on the game...

    The MSI has a few advantages though that may interest you. It is much more easier to find than the Matrix Platinum... If you plan to go Dual GPU then the Lightning has already one this match... not to mention that unless you have a Maximus V or other board with a lot of PCIE 3.0 X8/X16 slots, you will never be able to Crossfire the damn thing and run at decent temps.
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